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Emergency Dentist


Trinity Dental Centre

28 Trinity Street,
Barnstaple, North
Devon EX32 8HX

Patients of the practice who have a dental emergency when the practice is closed should telephone 01271 373738 and a recorded message will give details of the on-call dentist. This dentist will provide telephone advice and treatment, when treatment cannot be safely delayed until the practice is open again.

Emergency Dentist Hours

Drs Rodney & Donna Hill cover Monday to Thursday Evenings for patients registered at the practice. During weekends, Bank Holidays and all other times there is an on-call rota arranged between other local practices.​

What is a dental emergency?

A typical dental emergency will result in pain, this includes knocked out teeth, teeth that have been knocked loosed but are still in place, mouth injuries or severe infections.

Is a chipped tooth a dental emergency?

Under normal circumstances a chipped tooth is NOT an emergency. However if the tooth is also loose as a result of the impact or the chip is large and there is severe pain and/or the tooth is bleeding then this would be considered an emergency.

If the chip is small and non-painful then please call during normal opening hours.

Is a tooth abscess an emergency?

Yes, this is a painful and serious issue which needs urgent treatment.

How do I know if I have a tooth abcess?

You will have severe, consistent and throbbing pain which can radiate out in to your jaw, neck and ears. You may also have extreme sensitivity to hot and cold as well as pressure. There will also be a large swelling in your jaw caused by the infection.

Find your nearest emergency dentist

We've incorporated a map below which you can use as an emergency dentist finder. The location map includes all dentists in the Barnstaple area.

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