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Trinity Dental Centre

28 Trinity Street,
Barnstaple, North
Devon EX32 8HX

Tel: 01271 373738

Email: click here

Map: click here

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Dental services on offer

as a general dental practice welcoming both adults and children we are just a short 26 min journey from the centre of Bideford.

Our primary goal is always to help you look after your dental health, keeping your teeth and gums fit and healthy life.

This is best achieved with routine dental health check visits. Gum disease advances undetected on the whole until it reaches a more advanced state. By the time you see blood on your toothbrush or red, swollen or puffy gums then gum disease has already begun.

Visiting your dentist regularly, every six months, can help to keep gum disease under control and in check. Your dental hygienist is an integral part of this process as they act as an educator and facilitator with regards to your dental health.

Advanced dentistry


Sometimes more advanced dental treatments are required, either out of necessity to replace missing teeth or restore broken down teeth or perhaps out of desire in order to enjoy a more beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry

When you travel the short distance from Bideford we can help you with:

  1. Straightening crooked teeth

  2. Replacing missing teeth

  3. Whitening dark teeth

  4. Rebuilding broken down teeth

Top 10 reasons to travel from Bideford to see our dentists


  1. Kind dentistry. Just read our reviews see what our current patients think.

  2. Gentle dentistry. Topical anaesthetic creams and the use of a kind injection technique ensure that in most instances you won't feel a thing during any injections.

  3. Caring team with traditional values of taking time to understand your concerns.

  4. Traditional. We don't get caught up in the modern hype, we just want to offer you excellent care, advice and attention without the unnecessary bling!

  5. Availability. Emergency appointment places are reserved daily with our zone appointment book enabling rapid access to your dentist when you need it.

  6. Members of the British Dental Association good practice scheme.

  7. Training in education. Our dentists hold postgraduate diplomas in periodontics and endodontics, with particular interests in attrition.

  8. Listening practice. You will notice we take time to ask what you want in the non-rushed and unhurried environment.

  9. Level access for patients finding stairs and even floors difficult.

  10. Convenient communication. We can let you know about your next appointment by letter, text, e-mail or phone… The choice is yours.

We are also close to the town centre and have a convenient car park just around the corner from us.

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