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New Child Patients


Your child's dental health is very important to us. Tooth decay is one of the most common preventable diseases. To prevent it requires a commitment of time and effort.

With the correct habits there is no reason why your child should not have healthy teeth for life. Research shows that preventative dentistry delivered on a regular basis greatly reduces the risk of dental disease in children and provides a platform for a lifetime of improved oral health.

With this in mind we have joined together with Patient Plan Direct (PPD) to design a dental plan for children and young adults.

Children and Young Adult Dental Health Plan

Key benefits

All preventative dental care is included

Guaranteed registration with the practice and continuing access to your child's dentist

Payment by convenient monthly direct debit, allowing you to budget

2 dental health checks per year

All necessary x-rays

Fillings in baby teeth if required

Fissure sealants as required

10% discount on treatment fees

Unlimited emergency appointments

Access to a 24 hour dental emergency helpline 365 days per year

Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance

There are 3 levels for the dental health plan

Level 1: for 3 to 6 year olds

Level 2: for 7 to 11 year olds, this includes an additional hygiene appointment per year for scale and polish and oral hygiene advice if needed

Level 3: for 12 to 17 year olds, this includes 2 additional hygiene appointments per year for scale and polish and oral hygiene advice if needed

Please see our fees page for the monthly payment plan cost

Children under 3

To introduce your child to the dental environment and encourage good practice from an early age we are happy to examine your child free of charge during your routine dental health check.

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