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Top tips for a beautiful smile

Brush your teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste.

Every day, use a fluoride mouthwash to help reduce plaque build up and to keep teeth strong.

Remove plaque daily using dental floss.

Be sure to visit your Dentist regularly for a full Dental Health Check.

Seeing your Hygienist regularly for a professional clean will help prevent gum disease.

Old discoloured fillings can replaced with newer composite materials - fillingscan be almost invisible.

Silver/blackened fillings can be replaced with a tooth coloured alternative.

Visible gaps can be restored with bridges, dentures or implants.

Crowns with visible edges (a black line near the gum), can be replaced with modern alternatives.

Crooked teeth can be straightened by orthodontic treatment (braces).

Minor rotations / misalignments can be corrected by restorative procedures e.g. veneers / crowns.

Talk to your Hygienist / Dentist about treatments if you have red / puffy / swollen / bleeding gums.

If the proportions of your front teeth are wrong you could have them corrected.

If your front teeth are too short this can be ageing, you could have them restored to look more youthful.

You could consider professional tooth whitening for a brighter and more youthful appearance.


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